Traits of a Good LI Realtor

Long Island, New York is perhaps one of the hottest real estate markets in the US, if not in the world. During the third quarter of 2015, it was reported that sales on the Long Island housing market were at the highest that they’ve ever been over the last twelve years. Despite the recent economic depression hitting many real estate markets, Long Island real estate owners have benefitted from a significant increase in the average sales price.

Given the statistics in the previous paragraph, it is indeed a good time to be a Long Island (LI) realtor. While just about anyone can study up on real estate law to qualify as one, it takes a bit more to become one of the best and thus benefit from the area’s booming property market.

So, what sort of qualities should someone who aspires to be a great LI realtor have?

The following are some of the traits that most of the best LI realtors have:

1.) A working knowledge of the locale.

Real EstateIt is practically impossible for anyone who’s never lived in Long Island or ever sold a house there to make it in the Long Island property market. To be a great LI realtor, you first need to spend some time getting to know the area. Which parts of it are the most active? Which part of Long Island serves as the center of commerce? Which areas have the best schools? Which areas are relatively quiet?

The best realtors can answer the aforementioned questions confidently in a heartbeat, and thus provide great value to their clients. Knowing the area well will help you package a house for a seller in a way that will sell it off quickly. Buyers, on the other hand, will appreciate it if you are able to zero in on the sort of properties that serve their stated needs. If you have difficulty answering the said questions, then perhaps you need to learn the lay of the land a bit more.

2.) Tenacity.

Given the demand for Long island properties as well as the relative shortage of such, buyers and sellers alike value persistence in their brokers. Someone who doesn’t quit easily or does not quit at all is bound to get better results for their client, after all.

One sure sign of a tenacious LI realtor is the initiative to follow up with clients after a home or a property has been shown.

3.) A certain degree of showmanship.

The best realtors are always impeccably groomed and confident. They often exude the sort of quiet self-assurance needed to put prospective buyers at ease. Often, buyers gravitate towards the kind of realtor who seems to put only the best properties on his or her listings.

A good LI realtor should also be able to showcase and present the home or property of their client as though they take a great personal pride in the making of such. Rather than just going through the motions, the realtor should be enthusiastic about the house’s biggest selling points, be it the location, décor, or facilities.

4.) Good connections.

One of the reasons why people hire brokers is because they are supposed to have a good network of people who are both buying or selling a property. Top realtors not only have the best property listings. They also have access to a very comprehensive and updated list of prospective buyers. Having one of the two is good, but having both will propel you even further as a broker.

Unless they function independently, brokers who represent the most renowned realty agencies are also viewed more favorably since they are bound to have undergone intensive training under the latter.

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