Imprinting Methods for Neck Lanyards

Although there are a number of imprinting methods for your customized neck lanyards, hot stamping, screen printing, and full color are the most commonly used methods. Although each method comes with its own advantaged and disadvantages, your final choice will ultimately depend on your budget, purpose, and chosen material.

Hot Stamped Neck Lanyards

For those on a tight budget, the most economical choice would be the hot stamped custom lanyard. Unfortunately, the affordable price means that you will have a limited choice of color and material combinations. After all, only a thin layer of color can be applied on the surface. Therefore, the most common color-material combination employed for this method is using a light color, such as white or silver, on a dark colored material.

Likewise, the low cost means that the durability of the printed designs will be compromised. For this reason, hot stamped neck lanyards are best suited for short-term use. Daylong trade shows or conferences are the best events to wear lanyards that make use of this imprinting method.

In the end, though this method does have many limitations, it is still one of the most popular lanyard imprinting methods. Often, the inexpensive prices for bulk orders make up for its many disadvantages.

Screen Printed Neck Lanyards

Neck LanyardsHowever, if you are willing to splurge a little more on your purchase, then you might want to choose a screen-printed neck lanyard instead. Screen printed lanyards make use of a manual imprinting process on each lanyard. Therefore, the additional labor involved makes the overall process more expensive compared to the automated hot stamped printing method.

In addition, designs must be printed one at a time on each precut length of fabric. Although the attention to detail does result in enhancing the quality of these neck lanyards, they also contribute to the significantly higher price tag.

Nevertheless, the enhanced quality ensures that the imprinted lanyards will be durable enough to be sold for retail purposes. Likewise, the method will allow you to employ a wider variety of color and material combinations. The screen printing process applies more ink onto the lanyard’s surface, thus making it possible to print a dark colored design on a light colored material.

Additionally, most screen printed neck lanyards make use of a wider cotton or nylon material compared to hot stamped lanyards. The larger surface area makes it possible to imprint more texts and more detailed logo designs. The thicker ink deposit also makes the print more resistant to scratches and fading. However, since the images are merely screen printed onto the surface, they will still deteriorate over time.

Full Color Neck Lanyards

If you are looking for a customized lanyard purchase that will last you for many years to come, then your best bet is a full color neck lanyard. The designs for these neck lanyards are created using a sublimation method that results in the highest quality logos and texts.

Full color lanyards make it possible to make faithful and realistic reproductions of the most complex designs. In fact, you can even have actual paintings printed over the entire surface of the material if necessary. Likewise, the sublimation process allows you to print your chosen design on both sides of the lanyard.

Furthermore, full color lanyards are more durable compared to screen printed lanyards since the ink does not simply sit on the material surface. It is actually absorbed into the fabric thus making it more durable and comfortable to wear around your neck. The seamless print eliminates the rough texture associated with screen printed and hot stamped designs.

Although this imprinting method is the most expensive choice, it does provide you with uncompromised quality. Your custom printed lanyards will not only be hard wearing, but feature the most visually stunning designs as well. For that reason, these lanyards are best suited for promoting brands or companies with detailed or multi-colored logos.

Badge Lanyards: A Quick Fix for A Busy Lifestyle

The modern times tend to be stressful on everyone. With all the advancements and the speeding up of everyone to catch their deadlines, business meetings, classes, employment opportunities, jobs, and almost anything that is currently being done by man today, people do not need to add to the problem of finding a way of keeping that pesky ID card on or around them at all times. Most people would simply just give up with trying to find a way to do that and stick the cards in their pockets, wallets, bags or other small and troublesome compartments instead. They, however, do not see that the answer was a simple piece of cloth or nylon that could be wrapped around the neck. Such is what these relatively well known things called ‘badge lanyards’ do.

Badge LanyardsBadge lanyards are generally the most ideal choice with regard to finding a means to attach an identification card to one’s body. They are very accessible and are very simple to put on. A simple over-the-head motion would set them around one’s head almost immediately without the fuss of finding another place or article of clothing to attach it to. More often than not, when getting ready for work in the morning, it would serve as less of a hassle to simply throw them on as compared to clipping or finding that shirt that has the name stuck on to it. It is clearly visible in most locations because of its unique shape, such that it could easily be spotted on top of a desk or a night table. The person would see it almost immediately in the morning and simply snatch it up, throw it on with that over-the-head motion and simply walk right out the door, and be ready to face the day.

Many people would not have guessed that simple items such as badge lanyards would be the answer to their problems. It is a small and almost unnoticeable struggle that unwittingly adds to a person’s daily stress. In actuality, the small few seconds that the badge lanyard saves when one is getting ready for work may be just the right amount to keep that person cool and collected at the end of a hard day’s work. That split second may not mean much on a daily basis, however, once taken in retrospect, those few seconds of life may be just the amount of stress to push someone over the edge and turn them into a scowling angry passenger that sits next to others on the bus ride home.

Tried and tested for many years, badge lanyards have been the trademark of schools all over the world. One could tell if the child is a student simply by locating the lanyard that is wrapped around the child’s neck. Often times, children, being young and playful, tend to roughhouse and get themselves into all sorts of dirty and sticky situations; however, the lanyard proves a sturdy and all around means to retain the ID card on or around the body. Even up to the collegiate level, lanyards serve as excellent time-saving items. Instead of bringing out the wallet and fiddling with the other ID’s, credit cards, licenses and cash, while wanting to simply enter the school or the workplace, the lanyard provides a quick access area that will immediately be seen by the establishments receptionist. All that is needed, should it not be clearly visible, is to raise it up with one hand and drop it again as soon as the receptionist sees it. These badge lanyards have stood the test of time and have proven to be effective, even with today’s fast paced society.

Badge lanyards is used to protect identification cards and extend their usability for a long time.