Plan your Funeral Services for your Loved Ones

French actress Jeanne Moreau once said, “Death is an absolute mystery.  We are all vulnerable to it; it’s what makes life interesting and suspenseful.”

True enough, death is a difficult topic because it delves into the realm of the unknown, and we are all naturally inclined to fear that we know nothing about.  As far as many of us are concerned, death means going away and saying goodbye, leaving behind the ones we love for an inescapable journey. It gives us sad thoughts: no more sunshine, no more laughter, and no more opportunities to get up and take on the world.

However, this sadness, which envelopes us makes us miss something important.  As hard as death may seem to be for us who would go away, it is much harder for the ones who will be left behind.  Not financially or legally, but emotionally.  We are here to let you know that you have a way of easing their pain: plan your funeral services at this point.

Why should you plan your funeral services?

Death is unexpected most of the time.  We all live with the knowledge that we will one day die, but we do not know the exact day and time.  Since death has its unavoidable consequences, planning for it should help our loved ones fight the pain and sadness.


We have come up with a few reasons for you to ponder about:

1. There will be no questions unanswered

If your plans have been laid down beforehand, everyone knows what is going to happen. Your family, friends and loved ones will no longer have to think about the logistics and finances arising from your passing away. They will know that you want to be cremated instead of buried. They will know that you want them to all wear white and be as happy as they can be on your burial day. These and other matters, small and big alike, shall be addressed by a proper funeral plan.

2. It will make things easier for your loved ones

Because your loved ones won’t have to worry about anything – we’ll handle everything for them – they will find the time to grieve properly. Grieving is important, as it helps one get over the hurt and take a step towards healing.

3. You’ll keep within your budget and leave behind as much as possible

Whether you acknowledge it or not, your death will have financial consequences for your family and loved ones.  For one, the law has its provisions on succession. Your estate shall be computed, and what was left of your property and belongings shall be given to your rightful heirs and successors.  What we do not want to happen is that you cut your estate low just because you’ve spent too much for your funeral services.

No one wants that. We understand as you do, that life isn’t about the worldly things, and that all of what you have will get left behind. We know that as much as possible, you will want to give everything you have for the people you care about. In that case, by pre-planning your interment, you will be assured of choosing the plan, which fits your budget. You will also be protected from any future increase in costs.

Funeral Services

4. It’ll keep your memories alive

However, the most important reason for planning your funeral services is that a well-planned one will keep your memories alive.  This is not for you.  This is for your loved ones, and for your community.

We make this possible through the little tangible things that comprise the entire service. All the components, if well prepared and taken care of, will give that impression that you want them all to have.  It will be your last memory, and it will be special.

We will take care of things like your casket, the lights, the blooms, the curtains, the candles, and everything else needed in the wake. We can prepare customized portraits and paintings of you as well, and have them adorning the walls of the room.  If you want your family and friends to have a feast on the last day, we’ll throw one for you.  It will have your favorite dishes, and theirs as well, or anything you want them to try for the first time.

Also, on that day, if you want your favorite songs played, surely we’ll have the band playing.  At that moment when you have to say goodbye, if you want flying doves or balloons as your last vision, or the peaceful notes of bagpipes as your last music – before your casket is lowered – we will give it to you, too.  Anything you wish, we know, is as much for you as it is for your loved ones.  Therefore, we’ll do it for you.

Yes, death is a sad moment, but you can give it a positive note if you prepare for it.  Do this for your loved ones.


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